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USAttorneys explains grounds for divorce in Bethesda

Bethesda, MD- If you have decided to file for divorce in Maryland, you must decide if you are going to file for a fault or no-fault divorce. There’s a chance that you probably don’t know what the difference is between a fault and no-fault divorce. It’s okay; you aren’t alone. That is why we wanted to discuss some of the basics of no-fault divorce in Maryland.

No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce is the most common filing for Maryland couples. When you file for a no-fault divorce, you are stating that your marriage is “irretrievably broken” and it cannot be repaired. Neither spouse claims wrong-doing with a no-fault divorce, so it’s an easier process.

There are several benefits to a no-fault divorce. As we mentioned earlier, it’s more straightforward process, so it takes less time to resolve and finalize. You will spend less in legal fees, so overall no-fault divorce is also less costly. Your divorce can be completed within a year if you and your estranged spouse can agree on the critical issues like child custody and asset division. Additionally, a couple will be able to maintain greater privacy if they can resolve their problems out of court.

If you are considering a no-fault divorce, we recommend you contact a divorce lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland and set up a consultation. They will fully inform you of your options and help you make the tough decisions.

There are pros and cons to both fault and no-fault divorce which you need to learn before deciding how you are going to file.

Fault divorce

You could file for a fault divorce if your spouse’s actions led to a breakdown of your marriage. Reasons for a fault divorce include abandonment, abuse, infidelity, incarceration, and substance abuse. You have a greater burden of proof to present if you want to be granted a fault divorce and for that, you will need the help of a divorce lawyer. To be awarded a fault divorce, you will need to provide evidence of your spouse’s wrongdoing in a court. That means your fault divorce could take longer and will be costlier.

While a fault divorce can be costlier, if you can prove fault, you will get a much better settlement. You will also get a favorable child custody arrangement that shields a child from being put in an awkward or dangerous situation. Call and set up a consultation with a divorce lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland today and get the legal assistance you need.

The grounds for your divorce will dictate the outcome of your case, so you need to be informed about each process. We can give you some basic information, but only a divorce attorney can give you answers to your questions. Call today and set up a consultation with a lawyer.

You must decide if you should file for a fault or no-fault divorce.