New York, NY- Some divorces drag on for years, mainly because the two estranged spouses cannot come to terms on their divorce settlement. There are just some issues one of both spouses can’t move past or compromise. That appears to be the reason why the divorce of “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel has been dragging on and on, for nearly three years now.

Radaronline reports that in spite of her crocodile tears, Bethenny Frankel, and not her estranged ex Jason Hoppy, is the one dragging out their divorce proceedings. Apparently, Frankel cried about how long it is taking to settle her divorce, blaming Hoppy for the long delay.

But as it turns out Frankel is the real reason she’s the “wealthiest homeless person” in New York, is because she just won’t let the apartment go. Even though she said on the premier of “RHONY” that she is living out hotels and corporate apartments, she won’t give up the fight over the apartment, insisting she worked he whole life to buy it.

Oh, cry us a river Bethenny! Why don’t you take your money and rent your own place? Certainly, you can easily afford another apartment in Tribeca.

We understand that an apartment in the tony neighborhood is hard to part with and can net a cherry sum of cash, but is it really worth the time, energy and legal bills? It leaves one to wonder if she really wants the apartment or just thrives off the drama.

Probably the drama since she dragged out her custody battle for nearly two years while she fought for sole custody. She even went so far as to call Hoppy “white trash” who wanted to destroy her career in court testimony. The judge presiding over her divorce later chastised her for those comments and granted her estranged ex joint custody. That’s further proof that trash-talking your ex is counterproductive and can actually backfire.

Meanwhile Frankel said she wouldn’t date a man with cheap shoes or a man who wanted to be on her show. “I would never want to date someone who would be such a loser to be on a reality show,” said Frankel. Never mind the fact that she’s famous for being on a reality show.

Divorce is tough and Frankel’s very contentious battle is perfect example of how ugly things, can get between an estranged couple. When it comes to child custody things can get especially nasty as many couples sadly use their children as pawns against one another. Asset division and child custody are difficult issues to resolve without help from practiced divorce attorney.

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