New York, NY- As Skinny Girl mogul Bethany Frankel’s divorce drags on and on, a Manhattan Court ordered the former reality show star to pay $100K to cover her estranged husband’s legal fees.

According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Frankel must pay the $100K to Jason Hoppy’s attorney immediately to cover his legal fees. But the documents also stipulate that the fees will be deducted from any settlement Hoppy receives when they finalize their divorce which has been raging on since January of 2013.

So what’s the hold-up?

The couple has a rock-solid prenuptial that protects the former “Real Housewives” star’s assets from her Skinny Girl line. But they cannot come to terms over custody of their three-year old daughter Bryn

A source close to Hoppy told Radaronline that the drug company executive would like nothing better than be done with this long and contentious divorce, but Frankel continues to make things more difficult.

When Frankel and Hoppy initially filed for a divorce the couple had dueling demands. Both wanted sole custody of Bryn and the other to pay child support. Both wanted to keep possession of their $5 million NYC apartment. Both wanted the other to pay Bryn’s medical and dental insurance. Both also asked the other to pay their divorce attorney fees, but it looks like Hoppy won that battle. The estranged couple’s list of demands goes on so it’s easy to see why they have yet to come to an agreement.

Because the couple continue to argue over who gets custody of Bryn, at the end of March a court ordered the young girl go through a psychiatric evaluation, according to Radaronline. On top of that, the couple must surrender past psychiatric evaluations of the girl.

Psychiatric evaluations are not always necessary, but when a couple cannot come up with a satisfactory child custody agreement through mediation or on their own, the decision of who gets custody of the child is left up to a judge. A psychiatric evaluation is the best way for courts to determine what is in the best interest of the child.

A child custody evaluation is carried out by a psychologist or other mental health professional who will observe each spouse’s parenting skills and interactions with their children and make recommendations to the court about custody and visitation. Their job is to objectively asses what custody arrangement will be better for the child.

Custody evaluations often entail at least two interviews with each parent and child. These interviews are designed so that the evaluator can gather information about the parents. An evaluator will also observe the interactions between the parents and children. Some of these evaluators employ psychological testing to get better understand each parent’s emotional functioning and nurturing skills.

The court ordered evaluation of Bryn did not sit well with Frankel, but it does appear to be her doing since she has made it impossible to come to custody agreement. Word to the wise, if you don’t want to go through a protracted custody battle then listen to your divorce lawyer and compromise a bit on your custody demands. Not doing so can be costly and will inject the courts into your personal life.