New York, NY- All gloves were off Wednesday when Bethany Frankel took the stand Wednesday to testify in her bitter custody battle with estranged husband Jason Hoppy who she accused of trying to “destroy” her career and  tried to prove is an unfit parent to gain sole custody of their young daughter.

The couple has been locked in an acrimonious custody battle since Frankel announced their divorce in 2012.

Frankel was in tears when she recounted all of the nasty things Hoppy said to her after he received notice of their divorce via a letter, Radar Online reported. The former “Real Housewives of New York” star told the court Hoppy vowed to “destroy” her career and leave her publicist “crying in a corner.”

The Skinny Girl mogul’s attorney Allen Mayefsky, said Hoppy was a different person when the cameras were off and accused him of spying on Frankel and their four year-old daughter. The high-powered divorce attorney, who represented Katie Holmes in her divorce, said Hoppy hacked into Frankel’s email and attempted to control his ex’s life through their daughter, the New York Daily News reported.

Frankel wants to be the only parent that can make decisions about Bryn’s upbringing. During his opening statements Mayefsky painted Hoppy as unfit, saying Frankel was “more balanced” and a “fit custodial parent.”

But Hoppy isn’t the only one who appears to be bitter; Frankel admitted to calling her ex “white trash” and said he was “disgusting” for enlisting an investor to pay his divorce attorney fees. She said she thought it was “trashy,” but just last month she was ordered to pay his attorney fees to the tune of $100,000.

Hoppy’s attorney Bernard Clair said Frankel used the couple’s daughter to get even by noting that when Frankel moved out of their condo she took everything even her daughter’s clothes and toys. She allegedly even stripped the kitchen bare of everything except one pot and plastic utensils. She was also accused of using her daughter to advance her career by making her the subject of a children’s book filled with Skinny Girl plugs, the Daily Mail reported.

Frankel wants sole custody while Hoppy is asking to share custody.

This battle between Hoppy and Frankel had been nasty from the beginning and it appears after Wednesday’s testimony that things aren’t going to let up anytime soon which is unfortunate for little Bryn.

Child custody battles can get ugly quickly, especially when a couple uses their children as pawns to get at one another. When emotions run hot, a couple can have difficulties being objective and sometimes drag their children into the middle of their fight.

A divorce attorney understands the best interest of a child should take precedence in divorce proceeding when a couple allows their anger to get in the way. An attorney can be the voice of reason and will prevent a couple from putting their interests above those of their child or children.