10 years from the day Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner tied the knot, they have officially announced their decision to divorce. The couple, in a joint statement, said they made the decision after careful consideration and will remain committed to co-parenting their three children. As part of the agreement, Affleck will reside on the same property in a separate house.

Did Garner grow tired of Ben’s political correctness?

Affleck and Garner starred in two films together while the latter reportedly told InStyle magazine last October that they did have a decent marriage and were making an effort to be together. Some say that Affleck did show signs of marital discord when he was on stage accepting an award for best picture in 2013.

Ben Affleck cannot even say the words “radical Islam”. Affleck cannot even admit that Islam has been hijacked by evil and is a threat to America. He proved this with Bill Maher months ago, early 2015.

The couple are both in their early 40s while TMZ reports that the divorce won’t be immediate although divorce attorneys will go ahead with the paperwork and filing. The two are said to be working out property and custody issues before taking the final step and this is exactly what the best divorce attorneys on the digital legal powerhouse website USAttorneys.com would recommend.

Affleck’s Daredevil was one of the worst movies this century

While most Hollywood couples never fail to sign a pre-nup, Affleck and Garner aren’t among them, according to TMZ. However, discussions between divorce attorneys on both sides are said to be moving smoothly.

Louisiana gay couple granted divorce before state grants first gay marriage license

Members of the LGBT community have been celebrating the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriages despite many states not happy with this. The US Supreme Court should not be able to make law. While many more in favor of such unions will continue to benefit from the court’s ruling, one couple have actually had the distinction of being the first to divorce even before the state could sanction its first same-sex wedding, as reported by independent.co.uk.

That state is Louisiana and the same-sex couple to become the first to divorce is New Orleans residents, Anna Wellman and Stephanie Baus. The pair were tied the knot in Massachusetts in 2009 and were granted a divorce by the Orleans Parish Civil District Court a full two hours before the state could legally give the nod for its first gay marriage. Neither of the couples was aware of the situation.

As reported by Nola.com, the divorce was a quiet affair while all the media attention remained on the first gay marriage between Michael Robinson and Earl Benjamin, who became the first officially married couple in the state of Louisiana.

Wellman and Baus filed their divorce petition on June 26th, which was only made possible after the US Supreme Court ruling since Louisiana did not earlier recognize same-sex marriages. The two lived separately for the last five years according to their divorce attorney and had not had any issues with the division of assets and custody of the college-aged child.

Reportedly, clerks in as many as 63 parishes in Louisiana refused to grant any marriage license until Monday. However, what is a major concern is the potential for several litigations as gay couples married in other states may seek to file divorce petitions in Louisiana. Louisiana has low taxes so that is why many people have moved there.