Some divorces lead to such resentment and bitter feelings that they can result in crime if one or both of the spouses cannot let their anger go. A man who attempted to have his wife killed rather than go through an expensive divorce appeared in court in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Plot to kill his ex wife results in a first degree murder charge for a bitter husband

The suspect was formally arraigned and notified of the charges of first degree murder while his defense attorney was with him. The circumstances surrounding the crime include the defendant hiring three different people to murder his ex-wife after she received a large $1 million settlement from their divorce case. Investigators were able to intercept payment of $10,000 each to the three conspirators. Those involved in the plot were told to kidnap her, then shoot her, burn her car and body, and then bury her remains. The defendant also gave more specific details about where his wife could be found at various times throughout the day. 

The grand jury had filed an indictment against the suspect three months earlier. The evidence that was presented to them was related to the three other people involved in the plot and their detailed plans. Two of the other men involved were from Denham Springs and one was from the town of Walker. They are facing charges of conspiracy and other crimes. One of the suspects confessed to detectives that they used her husband’s SUV during part of the murder for hire plot against the victim. 

An additional court date was set for two months later where attorneys for both sides would file motions. The final disposition of the case was unknown at the time of the news report. 

Ensuring that a turbulent divorce does not become violent

When there are issues with domestic violence or potential crime, it is important to get a protective order with the help of a family lawyer immediately. Courts will routinely grant these orders and put both parties on formal notice as long as the facts given to them are sufficient to warrant separation of the two individuals. It is better to get this kind of help and protection rather than risk a violent or lethal situation like the one recounted in the news story above. 

There are also other procedures where a husband and wife may only be able to contact each other, or enter the other person’s residence with a police escort to prevent further incidents. 

Speak with a family law attorney in Baton Rouge

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