The state of Louisiana started a special program to collect overdue child support payments. 

Government tried to collect outstanding child support through driver’s license suspensions

The program, called On the Road Again, focused on the fact that a driver’s license suspension is one of the main ways that the government attempts to get people to pay past due child support obligations. In total, 174 children received payments that were owed for their care, and 140 adults who were behind on payments were given counseling and services that would help them get their licenses back. The program also collected a total of approximately $360,000 that was owed to families throughout the state. 

There was a two month window where people who were behind on the payments could choose to enroll in On the Road if their license was suspended as well. At most other times, there is a long list or requirements for someone to have their license reinstated. These conditions include paying all current and past due child support obligations, proof of health insurance, and a court order that details a payment plan for the future. 

Under the new program, a person in the same situation only has to have made two months of court ordered payments, give $100 towards any past due amount, as well as paying administrative fees and court costs. This is clearly a much easier way for someone who had trouble making their child support payments get their license back. 

Residents in the Baton Rouge area were urged to contact a local child support enforcement office if they believe that they could benefit from this new program. 

Child support and the possibility of serious penalties

When a parent who does not have primary custody of their child falls behind on support payments, the government has the right to take some fairly serious and extreme actions to get the money that is owed to the other parent. This includes driver’s license suspensions, as well as loss of a professional license, freezing bank accounts, garnishing wages, and even jail time in serious cases. 

Because of the possibility of extensive government action, it is imperative to get legal help from a licensed attorney as soon as possible if you cannot make payments. Keep in mind that this obligation cannot be changed unless a new hearing is scheduled and a judge agrees that the support amount should be modified based on some kind of changed circumstances. Child support cannot be totally eliminated until the child receiving the funds reaches adulthood. 

Speak with a local family law attorney in the Baton Rouge area

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