When a couple with multiple properties decides to get a divorce, ownership and use of these areas can be a significant point of contention. Each spouse will have their own attorney advocating on their behalf to get as much of the marital property as possible for their client. 

Ed Orgeron, who is the head football coach of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, filed for divorce just months after his team’s national championship season ended.

Divorce filing in East Baton Rouge Parish

Ed and his wife Kelly had initially married in February of 1997. They have two twins together who were born about a year after their wedding in February of 1998. Ed also has one other older child from a prior marriage.

The petition for divorce was filed in the East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court system, and it simply states that there is a matter of court interest in the marriage of Ed and Kelly.  The petition goes into further detail and states that the couple started living apart in the weeks before the filing, and that they do not plan to reconcile.

Ed plans to argue for exclusive use and ownership of their marital home in Baton Rouge, but will concede use and access of another home in Mandeville to Kelly. The filing also said that these plans may be changed later under a community property agreement or other formal documentation. Updates that came approximately two months later detailed that Ed would keep exclusive rights to the Baton Rouge home, and Kelly would be awarded the Mandeville property. 

Ed had received a large $42 million coaching contract after his team’s championship win, prompting some to speculate that his improved financial situation may have been a factor in the separation. 

The family did not leave any comments or statements for the media after the filing. 

Divorces with significant financial considerations

A couple such as the one featured in this report has a number of specific concerns which are mostly related to multiple properties and large amounts of financial assets. When spouses who are already financially well off enter into a marriage, they may choose to draft a prenuptial agreement to make a separation easier if the marriage ever ends. 

Another important divorce issue when a high earning spouse is involved is alimony. This is a very serious consideration because long term alimony payments for thousands of dollars a month can become a significant financial strain as the spouse required to make these payments begins a new life. 

Family law attorneys in Baton Rouge

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