A Louisiana divorce may have led to a kidnapping and other crimes in Lafayette. 

Husband hires criminals to kidnap his wife

The suspect, named Michael Handley, could have possibly made arrangements with others to have his wife kidnapped based on documents that were filed in the couple’s divorce case. 

Police were able to apprehend the suspect at a motel in Slidell weeks after obtaining this information. He was transported to Lafayette Parish Jail and held on a large bond. Law enforcement was still in the process of identifying the victim, but they believed that they had enough evidence to make an arrest based on the divorce documents. Some of the divorce paperwork showed a serious argument immediately before she was kidnapped. 

Information from the victim showed that the suspect went to a house that the couple shared in a remote area of Woodville, Mississippi to work out the details of the crime. She believes that two other men were hired to carry out the kidnapping. She also alleged that various materials to bind and torture her were purchased by the men as well. 

The men did abduct her from her home and began to abuse her for a couple of hours. Law enforcement started to follow them for an unrelated traffic offense where the two men attempted to drive through a closed area. Their vehicle got stuck in mud near the road, and they fled on foot. Police believe that the two drowned in an intracoastal canal during their flight. 

The husband who ordered the kidnapping was also the owner of a chain of substance abuse treatment centers in Louisiana. He was brought in on unrelated fraud charges for crimes he committed while operating those businesses as well. 

Divorces and violent crimes

Various forms of domestic violence are common during divorces. This is because emotions are running high, and both spouses usually have to deal with a lot of stress and loss while going through the process. Because of the possibility of domestic issues becoming violent, there are different forms of protective or restraining orders that can be easily obtained through the local courts if there is any legitimate threat of violence. 

Separating quickly to avoid problems

While domestic violence and crime are serious reasons to want a quick divorce, there are simple ways to end a marriage even under normal circumstances. Louisiana, like every other state in the country, now offers a form of no fault divorce. This means that one or both spouses can simply say that the marriage has broken down, then start the process to formally dissolve the marriage

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