Mediation and pre-trial dates set

The Oakland Circuit Court has set the pre-trial date as of March 26th while mediation has begun in the divorce dispute between Ex-Piston Rasheed Abdul Wallace and his estranged wife Fatima Labretta. Judge Lisa Langton will preside over the trial, according to the divorce attorney representing Fatima.

All decisions involving child custody, parenting time, jurisdiction, and the prenuptial agreement would be examined in the mediation.

Not a resident of North Carolina?

Fatima questioned the validity of the divorce decree granted in North Carolina since their marriage took place in Michigan. The issue of jurisdiction would also be part of the mediation. She also questioned whether North Carolina was the home state of Wallace, since his tax returns, bank account, and driver’s license were all in Michigan. She claimed that he was not even living in North Carolina, although he owns a house there besides building a new one.

The validity of the prenuptial agreement signed in 1998 on the wedding day is also being questioned by Fatima, who claimed that it did not represent the terms appropriately while her husband’s assets were undervalued. She was made to sign the document by Rasheed’s attorney, according to Fatima.

The trouble in their marriage began in 2013 and they separated shortly after Wallace retired from the New York Knicks, according to the documents filed by Fatima. The value of Wallace’s estates and investments is said to be $75 million, according to divorce attorneys.

The divorce attorney representing Wallace said that his client had been generous to Fatima, adding that facts were distorted in the documents filed by her. Wallace is currently unemployed. He led the Pistons to the National Basketball League championship and six Eastern Conference Finals. He was employed as an assistant coach in 2013 for one year, but was not rehired.

Fatima’s divorce attorney said that the couple got married in Pennsylvania, moved to Baltimore when Wallace was with the Washington Bullets, and then to Oregon. Wallace was contracted by Detroit, when he moved to Rochester Hills where the couple’s 10-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son lived for a decade. Wallace owns a 19,000 square foot house in Rochester Hills.

All decisions must be taken in Michigan

In Michigan, decisions must be taken on all aspects including custody, support, property division, and only a divorce could be granted in North Carolina, if the domicile can be established, according to Robert Sedler, a professor of constitutional law at Wayne State University Law School.

Meanwhile, the divorce attorneys for Wallace claimed that the prenuptial agreement was valid since it was negotiated for weeks before finalizing. They said that Fatima was currently receiving $10,000 as interim maintenance. Wallace claimed that Fatima was living with a boyfriend, which precludes financial support as set in their prenuptial agreement, according to the court documents.

Negative personality insinuations

Fatima also claims in her filings that joint custody of their children could be agreed to only if Wallace agrees to not use prescription or non-prescription drugs without doctor’s advice, and refrains from driving with the children in the car while under influence of alcohol.

This divorce may make your head spin.