Los Angeles, CA- The couple behind fitness craze Barry’s Bootcamp, John and Rachel Mumford, are divorcing amid allegations of domestic violence and drug abuse.

Rachel and John Mumford married in 1997 and together they founded the Barry’s Bootcamp with backing of John’s money and built it into a fitness empire popular among the Hollywood elite. But despite their successful business endeavor, the couple couldn’t make their marriage work.

This week, Rachel Mumford filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” but her divorce filing shows the couple is struggling with a great deal more than differences. She alleges her husband has a problem with ecstasy and booze and placed her and their two children in danger, according to TMZ.

Rachel Mumford took out a restraining order against John Mumford after a violent event which occurred while the couple was vacationing in Paris last month. According to the documents, John became enraged after reading seeing something on her cell phone. He allegedly grabbed her, threw her against the walls of their hotel room and tried to smother her in bed.

She also alleges that he has a serious problem with ecstasy and alcohol and is seeking physical custody of their two children until John gets help with his problem, TMZ reported.

The Mumfords founded Barry’s Bootcamp in 1998 and has grown it into global fitness empire with a host of celebrity clientele including Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Jake Gyllenhaal  and Hugh Jackman.

This could shape up to be a nasty divorce especially considering their joint business adventure which has made the couple wealthy and the fact that they have to wrangle over child custody.

Untangling business adventures and combined finances is a complex task which can be made easier with the advice and guidance of a divorce attorney.

Who gets what all depends on the couple working together to come up with a final divorce settlement. But many couples want to walk away with the same things most namely the marital home. Rarely do couples immediately agree to evenly split their property and finances.

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Child custody is one of the hardest issues for parents to deal with, and can make for an acrimonious divorce. Coming up with agreeable child custody arrangements is more difficult than dividing assets and should be handled with care. Oftentimes a divorce attorney is the voice of reason when a couple can take the pain out of the process of negotiating satisfactory custody arrangements.

Not every couple needs a divorce attorney, but when child custody or asset division is acrimonious, legal counsel is paramount.