To ensure safety of the concerned parties, the Tennessee Bar Association is pushing for a delay in the time when divorce filings are made public. According to the bar association director, this would close the dangerous gap between cases becoming public and before serving a protective order on the responding party.

Delaying making divorce public to ensure safety

Daryl Chansuthus, executive director of Women’s Resource and Rape Assistance Program, said that objective is to give the party filing for divorce sufficient time to make any safety arrangements in case they are apprehensive about any harm that may come their way. Many divorce attorneys are of the opinion that such a move could benefit both spouses and especially any prevent unnecessary complications.

Katie Coombs on understanding divorce

Divorce is not an easy topic to understand or live through according to Katie Coombs, television host of the radio show “Uncommon Sense with Katie Coombs.” Coombs says she started to become an “expert” on divorce at age 11 and had no idea how much she would learn over the next 30 years of her life through her own personal experiences, as well as the experiences of clients and friends.

Coombs interviewed a life coach who helps individuals overcome some of the biggest challenges associated with divorce and helps clients create an environment where they and their children can thrive. She shares some of the tips that she has learned and those covered by Michele Eisenberg, a Thrive Beyond Divorce mentor.

Tips on handling divorce     

Coombs found out after speaking to Michele that each spouse played a 50 percent role in the failure of his or her marriage. This understanding allowed her to develop a friendship with her former husband and to learn and grow from the experience. Michele helped Katie also understand that the word “ex” carried negative connotations and replacing that word with “former” would be a positive change.

It is important to stop refraining from communicating with a former spouse when angry. The sensible thing to do is settle down before you even attempt to have a productive conversation and avoid sending an angry text message or email. One of the aspects that even divorce attorneys stress on with their clients is the welfare of the children involved.

Kids must be a priority when it comes to custody and visiting rights, schedules, and arrangements where both spouses must be willing to be flexible and compromise when necessary. Divorce attorneys believe children are the only losers in the bitter battle of divorce, which makes it essential to alleviate any emotional problems as far as possible. More so, Coombs encourages anyone that needs help moving beyond their divorce to seek out the help of a life coach to achieve peace.

Happy divorce day? Month?

According to some divorce attorneys, the first Monday of the year is a day when there is a surge of divorce filings, which continues for the rest of the month. That spells busy times for attorneys when filings are typically one third more than normal especially between January and March.

According to the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, James McLaren, the reluctance to break up during the holiday season and the scarcity of court time at the end of the year, could be among the major reasons for divorce filings in the first quarter of the year.