Unfortunately, it is seldom that divorced couples who happen to also be parents are able to co-parent their children without any hassles or hiccups.

Leading divorce lawyers in Baldwin, AL say that parents who have been court ordered physical custody of the children often, for some reason or other, try devious methods to prevent the other parent access to the children even if the other parent has been granted visitation rights.

Furthermore, the non-custodial parents even accept such restrictions as fate and are oblivious to the fact that they do not have to accept it and can actually legally challenge the custodial parent and have the court order amended or have the judge/jury pass another court order instructing the custodial parent to allow visitation. Violation of a court order can be considered a crime in itself and this will usually solve such issues.

If you happen to be a divorced parent who just wants to see your child or children, then it would be prudent to seek legal counsel to determine can be done to facilitate that. You may be surprised with the surplus of legal options available to you.

What to do when visitation is withheld occasionally

According to Alabama divorce attorneys, in cases where the custodial parent allows the non-custodial parent to visit sometimes and at other times make excuses to deny visitation even though the court ordered schedule allows it, then lawfully, the lost or missed visitation can and should be compensated for by allowing or scheduling future visitation.

As a non-custodial parent, if you happen to be denied visitation occasionally then it is wise to make a note of the dates and time when visitation was denied as this information will really come in handy in case of any related litigation stemming from child custody issues.

If the custodial parent further denies to make up for the lost time by allowing the non-custodial parent compensatory visits, then the issue should be escalated to a legal counselor who will then take the right legal channels and bring the case to court so that the issue is rectified as soon as possible and the custodial parent is set right in the appropriate way.

What to do when visitation is withheld constantly?

In some rare cases, Baldwin, AL divorce lawyers point out that custodial parents can outright deny visitation to the non-custodial parent all the time without any reason and also deny any future visitation to make up for the missed or denied visitations.

You may have seen in this in the show Breaking Bad when Skyler White (Anna Gunn) obtained custody of her two children from her psychotic husband Walter White (Bryan Cranston). This is because he only cared about money and power and he did not know when to say enough was enough. He was immature that way.

Skyler gained full custody of both children when it was revealed that White was involved with his brother in law’s murder and disappearance. When you do things like this, do not expect to see your children anymore and do not expect your children to even respect you as well.

If this is the case, then the issue should be escalated without any further ado by the non-custodial parent to a family law expert who will ensure that the case is handled and the custodial parent faces the consequences.

If you are a non-custodial parent facing issues with visitation, all you need is to seek help from a divorce lawyer in Alabama. This is the best way to protect your visitation rights and you get to spend quality time with the kids.