Bad Religion lead guitarist, Greg Hetson, 52, has filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Alia, after each accused the other of domestic abuse, according to TMZ.

Alia, 28, obtained a temporary restraining order against Greg last week, alleging acts of violence including throwing her on the floor during a recent argument.

Hetson responded by requesting a restraining order of his own, claiming she’s actually the abusive and unstable one and has proven it numerous times. Hetson described multiple violent and bizarre acts by Alia, including beating the rocker with a coat hanger and using hockey equipment to attack him. If he’s to be believed, she apparently stole eighteen thousand dollars from their joint checking out, shoved an apple core into his mouth in the middle of an argument, and has thrown him out of a moving vehicle and driven off while dragging him down the road.

Now Greg has filed divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. According to the documents, Hetson wants to block the court from awarding Alia any type of spousal support.

Hetson first joined Bad Religion back in 1987. During the early to mid 1990s, they started selling a large number of albums and picking up supporters within the old school punk rock community. In total, they’ve sold more than five million albums.

Hetson is not the first male celebrity to claim his wife was engaging in violent acts towards him. According to Fox News, famous actor Daniel Baldwin asked for a restraining order against his wife for punching him in the face and threatening him with a knife in front of their children in 2011.

Given how much animosity is already present between Hetson and his wife and how many negative accusations have already thrown, there is a good chance the couple will fight over every last penny in the divorce settlement.