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Voluntary Impoverishment and Child Support in Yuma, Arizona

Arizona’s child support payments are determined based on both parents’ combined incomes, the number of children both parents share in common, and the percentage of time the children spend with each parent. Basic calculations may assume that one parent has primary custody of the children, and the other parent only has visitation rights. Arizona’s child […]

Father’s Rights Law in Yuma, Arizona

Father’s rights is traditionally referred to as paternity rights by the courts. If you are a father getting divorced, you have visitation rights and parental rights. This means that you have the right to continue to enjoy a relationship with your children. This also means that you’ll have the right to not only visit your […]

How Divorce Can Impact Your Credit in Yuma, Arizona

When you file for divorce, your divorce decree will include agreements about how to divide your assets and debts. Child custody will be determined and the divorce agreement may also address issues of child support and alimony. How you and your former partner choose to handle your shared debts can have a major impact on […]

Getting Divorced? Take Your Ego Out of the Parenting Plan

MIAMI, Florida. Creating a parenting plan during your divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotionally fraught aspects of any divorce. In your parenting plan, you will have the chance to specify where your child will live, how visitation will be arranged, and how important decisions for your child will be made. In […]

Do You Need a Student Loan Prenuptial Agreement?

MIAMI, Florida. If you and your future partner have student loans, you may want to take some time to think about how student loans can impact your finances after you are married. While the student loans you took out before you were married will each be considered separate debts, if you and your partner are […]

Eight Mistakes Made in High Net Worth Divorces

MIAMI, Florida. High net worth divorces raise unique concerns. While any divorce can be challenging, especially if both parties need to divide assets, debts, property, and develop a parenting plan regarding how time sharing with the children will be negotiated, high net worth divorces often involve more complex financial instruments. In high net worth divorce, […]

Thinking About Calling Off Your Divorce? Consider Your Health

MIAMI, Florida. We’ve all heard about on-again, off-again relationships, but what about the on-again, off-again marriage? If you’ve filed for divorce, but are thinking about calling it off and trying one last time to save your marriage, here are some things to consider. On and off again relationships can lead to anxiety and depression. According […]