Because divorces can affect anyone, there is often media coverage of separations that involve well known public figures. 

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a U.S. Senate candidate for the Democratic party finished his divorce proceedings during his campaign. This information about the conclusion of the case came from his wife’s attorney.  

Candidate Warnick’s divorce concludes after the details of their arguments went public

The candidate’s name is Ralph Warnick, and he is also the head of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. Among their biggest disputes was an allegation that Mr. Warnick ran over his wife’s foot with his car. Despite his wife being angry, police never charged Warnick with any crime for the incident and a medical examination did not show any signs of damage to the foot. 

In a prior interview, Warnick denied that the incident ever happened and essentially accused his ex-wife of lying. Warnick’s wife refused to answer any questions from the media about the situation. She directed everything to her attorney, and all the records related to the divorce case were immediately sealed after it was concluded. 

The negative publicity may have been damaging to Warnick, as the story about the altercation with his wife came during a high stakes campaign against Republican Senator Loeffler. This is considered to be one of the most highly contested and closely watched Senate races in the entire country. 

Former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and other prominent Democrats have backed Warnick since he announced his campaign. 

High profile divorces

Even celebrities and politicians do go through messy divorces, and the publicity associated with the separation can often make a bad situation even worse. Some divorce lawyers focus on assisting these kinds of clients with their cases and helping them keep information private. It is imperative that high profile and wealthy individuals follow the advice of an experienced attorney to protect their assets and image. 

The process to get a divorce in Georgia

Georgia is a no fault divorce state. This type of proceeding is available in just about every state in the U.S. No Fault laws are beneficial for a couple because they can simply say that they cannot co-exist based on personal differences and express a desire to end the marriage. There is no need to prove adultery, abandonment, imprisonment, incompetence, or any other traditional fault based grounds that were necessary to end a marriage decades ago. One spouse can simply retain a lawyer to start the paperwork and file in the local family court for the divorce case to begin. 

Get legal help before filing for divorce

Lawyers throughout the state of Georgia can help you with the process of filing for a divorce and any related family law issues. To find an attorney near you, use the listings on

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