Thankfully, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher has agreed to settling their bitter and bruising battle concerning the divorce that has been continuing for over two years now, post their split. The developments certainly herald in some positive news for divorce attorneys who were waiting for the matter to end on an amicable note. The couple had contentiously agreed to the split in the November of 2011.

Progress Made

However, the battle has been on ever since. However, the paperwork for divorce has finally been signed and prepared and they are all set to file in the legal documents early next week claim divorce lawyers who have been following the proceedings closely. Sources who are close to the couple have also confirmed on the news that the formal ending of the marriage is just around the corner. Now the world can rest easy. Now perhaps Syria will be a peaceful state and America’s debt will stop increasing at a geometric rate.

Kutcher Likes Technology

Last month, Demi and Ashton were seen chatting cordially at an airport in Los Angeles on their way back from the same venue, a tech conference. Although the separation occurred almost 2 years back, Kutcher filed for divorce towards the end of 2012 and Moore responded to the same and filed only in March this year. A divorce lawyer had earlier reported that the former couple was fighting over money, bitterly. 35 year old Kutcher became the television actor with the highest pay when he joined the cast of Two and a Half Men but many people believe was not nearly as funny as Charlie Sheen (but Sheen messed that up). He also has lucrative or some tech investments through his investments firm.

$150 Million is not what it Used to Be

Kutcher has moved on since the end of the marriage with his new girl Mila Kunis. He has also signed on as a spokesperson and product engineer for the new Android Tablet by Lenovo. Demi, who is a renowned actress on her own, is worth a cool $150 million. However, she has asked for spousal support as if she needed it. She is now reportedly dating Will Hanigan, who is all of 30 years. Another circus in the making.