Ashley Judd and husband Dario Franchitti had declared their separation in January 2013. This was after 11 years of married life! Divorce attorneys have however clarified that both Ashley and Dario are yet to file for legal separation and no divorce case has been registered on their name. And if sources are to be believed, Ashley Judd has reportedly experienced a change of heart! She has expressed her intent to give this relationship another shot! Of-late, Dario, who is a race car driver by profession, got involved in a scary car accident at the Grand Prix event at Houston that was held on 6th October.

Judd has Done Nothing Recently

The accident led to a broken ankle and a couple of fractured vertebrae. Dario has suffered a concussion from the crash. Insiders have reported that 14 other individuals including fans and officials were injured in the accident. Judd immediately rushed to the hospital to be by his husband’s side. In a couple of statements released to the media, she said, “Thank you for the prayers for Dario, I have only clothes on my back & the dogs but that’s all that we need & we are on our way. We are amazed by the incredible outpouring of care & prayers. Thanks, everyone. Keeping our heads down here & doing what’s in front of us to do.”

You have only the clothes on your back and the dogs? So what happened to all that movie money? It seems her statement only raises more questions.

According to divorce lawyers who have been following the split closely, Judd realized that she was in love with Dario still, the moment he got into trouble. It was this incident that triggered her emotions.

Messages also went out from the racing champ himself. His Twitter message read, “Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes. They mean a lot to me. I would also like to send my best to all the fans involved in the accident and hope that everyone is alright.”

A Former Pretty Actress

Judd was considering a senatorial run in Kentucky but realized her background and character were seriously flawed so she decided not to run. This is a wonderful thing for Kentucky because Judd’s policies are the same ones which have bankrupted Greece, Detroit, and Spain.