Los Angeles, CA- Divorce is tough on children no matter what their age, and this is obvious in Joe and Tina Simpson’s divorce as their two famous daughters disagree on caused their parent’s split.

Joe, a former pastor who manages both of his daughter’s careers allegedly had a gay affair, which he denies, is getting support of Ashlee. Jessica, however, is standing by her mother, according to a friend of the family.

“Jessica and Ashlee are over their parents’ decision to divorce. Jessica is devastated that Tina has been dealt such a blow. She can’t believe what Joe has done to her after all these years and has been offering her mom all the support she can,” the source told RadarOnline.

“But Ashlee is pinning the blame on her mom for not giving Joe enough attention during their marriage. She believes Tina was absent too often and that caused Joe to look elsewhere,” the source said.

Tina filed for divorce on September 24th citing a “conflict of personalities.” However a source close to Tina said she filed for divorce after she discovered her husband was having an illicit affair with a young male model.

Luckily, the Simpson girls are grown, so they are better equipped to deal with their parent’s divorce.

When a couple has young children, they often have to enlist a divorce attorney to not only help them split up their assets but also help them peacefully come to a satisfactory child custody arrangement.