Patricia Arquette and her son, Enzo, will testify for her ex-boyfriend in a divorce trial. Patricia gave birth to Enzo in the late 80’ with her then boyfriend, musician Paul Rossi. The couple split as soon as their child became a month old. Most likely when couples split this quickly it is because they rushed into a relationship which normally only leads to heartache.

Rossi is now fighting a bitter divorce battle with Kerry-Ann Johnston-Rossi, who claimed that he was threatening, verbally abusive, and that she lived in fear of him. Rossi called her a liar, and to prove his claim, wants his ex-girlfriend and her son to testify on his behalf. Patricia would talk about how good a father Rossi is to Enzo in the trial. That is interesting and strange. It does seem that Rossi does not handle his personal life properly with all these divorces.

Celebrity chef to fight for her possessions

There may be a battle over the fortunes, but if there is one thing that celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis and her estranged fashion designer husband, Todd Thompson agree upon, it is joint custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Jade.

Laurentiis is worth more than Thompson, who she was married to for 12 years. Thompson filed for divorce the next day they announced their separation in December last year.

The celebrity chef opened her restaurant GIADA in Las Vegas, inside the Cromwell hotel, besides hosting four cooking shows. She produces Italian gourmet product line in partnership with Barilla and also sells kitchen supplies with Target. With all this, her net worth is an estimated $20 million.

The couple do not have a prenup; however, divorce attorneys are sure to help Laurentiis fight to keep her fortunes.

Medical emergency halts trial

A medical emergency stalled the trial proceedings of US Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) and his wife of 24 years, Lolita Grayson. Lolita could not appear in the court because of leaking breast implants. She had chest pains for which she visited the hospital, and was told that she needed surgery to remove the implants.


Rep. Grayson said that his marriage to his soon to be ex-wife was not legal since she was already married to another person at the time of their nuptials.

Lolita in turn has said that she had not committed bigamy. The trial has been postponed to March, according to divorce attorneys.

Sports agent files for divorce

Cops were called to Drew Rosenhaus’s home to sort out a blowout argument with his wife. Apparently, Drew gave her five trash bags and asked her to get her things out of the house. Hopefully they were hefty bags since no one wants to see a bag fail according to many people who have had garbage bags fail them in the past.

Divorce attorneys said that no arrests were made by the cops. A day after this spat, Rosenhaus is said to have filed for divorce. The divorce documents state that Drew had rights to their Miami house and wanted Lisa out of his house as soon as possible. The decision to split may have been triggered by Lisa’s party on a boat with Dan Bilzerian, a playboy of Hollywood. Well, there you go Drew! Simple decision.

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