In Arlington, TX, a woman is accused of having shot dead her husband after a domestic dispute along with his adult daughter. After the incident, the woman apparently called a friend and confessed that she had done the deed.

Veronica Dunnachie is a 35 year old from Arlington, Texas, who is also a passionate pro-gun activist along with many other Americans who understand history and are concerned about the safety of their family. Police reports say that this out of control criminal almost went on a rampage this Wednesday when she shot her estranged husband and his very pretty daughter after a domestic brawl, and the interestingly enough drove herself to a mental health hospital after the crime was committed.

Domestic dispute led to murder

Veronica was in the midst of getting a divorce from her estranged husband – 50 year old Russ Dunnachie. Her divorce attorneys say that she had been ordered by the court to move out of the house she shared with her ex-husband in Arlington by the end of this month. But instead of clearing out, Veronica decided to take matter into her own hands.

The 35 year old gun toting mother of three sent her two young kids to school and left the baby with a sitter before she barged into the couple’s old house and allegedly killed both Russ and his beautiful 20 year old daughter Kimberly. Police officers have taken Veronica into custody and have charged her with murder. Now she is leaving the home and going to an unpleasant one.

She should receive the death penalty according to so many people in her community.

Her penchant for guns was well known

The baby sitter Cara Vannatta told press reporters that though she knew the couple were having problems, she had never thought that it would go so far as murder. Veronica’s penchant for guns is well documented in the social media and her Facebook page is alive with myriad pictures of the 35 year old firing assault rifles and wearing a holstered gun on a grocery run earlier this year. Veronica is also known to have participated in Open Carry events around Arlington and publicly proclaimed her lover for guns and the right to carry them.

Too bad she did not care that much about not being a fool.

Just days before she committed the double murder, Veronica posted a comment on her Facebook page which in light of recent events looks nothing but sinister. Her post reads like an omen foreshadowing the events of the Wednesday afternoon shooting. In her own words, she says that it is at times better to remove some undeserving people from one’s life so that one can make more space for the other better ones. She is right on that, soon she will be removed from this planet. Texas is not like California, Texas will seek justice.

Confessions on a phone call

After the double murder, Dunnachie reportedly called a close friend – Guy Potter – and sounded distressed while on the call. According to the search affidavit that has been procured by the media, she confessed to having shot dead her husband on the call. Potter was the one who drove Dunnachie to the nearby Milwood Hospital. Police officials caught up with her at the hospital.

Many people are wondering when this marriage began to fall apart and how did this marriage ever occur in the first place?

Alison Porterfield, Russ Dunnachie’s divorce attorney from Fort Worth, said that he was a loving husband and father and he actually did not want the divorce to take place but Veronica was adamant. Veronica apparently could not handle being wrong and being forced to leave the home. Russ will be missed and so will his daughter.