A judge in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been reprimanded by The Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission for having allegedly forgotten about a certain divorce case.

As reported by thy11.com, the judge has been identified as Edwin Keaton at the Arkansas District Court. The Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission have confirmed that henceforth they are not going to appoint him to any family or domestic cases.

Keaton has cooperated with the Commission so far and has accepted all the consequences that they have enforced on him. Going forward, he will have to conduct a docket review every 4 months and take other measures as specified by the Commission to ensure that he does not inadvertently delay any other verdicts. The impressive local divorce attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com would probably be content with this punishment.

Judge makes a human mistake

Keaton had apparently forgotten about a divorce case and had not ruled on it for almost 20 whole months when finally the man who had filed for the divorce filed another complaint through his divorce attorney about the unreasonably long delay. Keaton mentioned that he had taken the file home and misplaced it and had hence completely forgotten about the case itself. He was probably thinking about putting Transformers II on and how he was going to watch that movie for the 10th time because it is so incredible.

After breaking a couple in the car

Legalities of divorce in Arkansas

While this article will attempt to shed light and transparency on the complicated legal intricacies concerning the issue of divorce in Arkansas, it has to be disclaimed that these are only the basics, the tip of the iceberg. There are many more factors which come into play and it is imperative for someone filing a divorce to consult an experienced Arkansas divorce attorney to ensure that the legal proceedings and outcomes flow in a smooth and desirable manner.

Arkansas basic divorce laws

There are many laws which govern divorce issues in the state of Arkansas.

To begin with, there are filing requirements which need to met by the applicant to even be eligible to file for a divorce in Arkansas. These requirements stipulate that a spouse needs to have lived as a resident of the state for a minimum period of 60 days before he or she can file for a divorce in Arkansas. The county in which the divorce hearing will occur will be the county in which the spouse resides.

In addition, there are some grounds for filing for a divorce. According to Arkansas divorce attorneys,  the applicant must clearly state on what grounds they are filing for divorce. Arkansas recognizes both fault and no-fault divorces. If filing for a fault divorce, the spouse filing for divorce will need to cite reasons such as adultery, addiction, domestic violence etc. (as mentioned in Arkansas State law) to be given a divorce. If filing for a no-fault divorce, the divorce will only be awarded if the couple has been living separately for at least a period of 18 months prior to the filing.

Then comes the issue of filing several documents properly to make sure that the case is not dismissed right away by court clerks, this process will be taken care of by a divorce attorney. If you do not appoint one, you always stand the risk of not only having your application dismissed but also losing out on spousal support and child custody matters.