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Arkansas couples may be most surprised by changes in parenting after a divorce

Couples who divorce but have children together will need to maintain some kind of relationship for the purpose of sharing parenting time. Unfortunately, this often becomes a huge source of tension and constant arguing. 

Local news published an article where a professor from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock spoke about some issues that recently divorced couples may face, especially when it comes to new parenting arrangements. 

Co-parenting is the number one concern for local couples who have recently divorced 

While a divorce can affect finances, property, and living arrangements, child custody with shared parenting time is usually the greatest concern for most couples who have young children. A professor who also works as a counselor for families gave an overview of these issues to the audience. 

Many of the problems stem from the fact that each parent will have different living arrangements, and the home that the children were raised in may not belong to either spouse based on court ordered property division. This may make children feel like they have no permanent place to stay, as they move between two different residences, as well as meeting other obligations tied to school and activities. The family may start to get a sense that there is no real home. Parents may also have difficulties setting aside their problems with each other to work for the good of the children, especially if the divorce is recent. Lingering resentment can be very real.

The counselor recommended that parents can separate their feelings for the other spouse from their duties as a parent. However, they will still have to communicate and coordinate with the other parent, possibly as much as when they were married to successfully raise their children. It is also recommended to avoid arguing over the logistics of timeframes and plans. Professionals such as therapists should be consulted if necessary when it seems that arguments are common and causing problems for the family. At the end of the day, couples will need to learn how to control their feelings until their children are old enough to be on their own. 

Making a divorce more tolerable

Legal professionals who work in the field of family law do their best to help their clients receive a fair result. A favorable ruling will allow parents and their children to have good relationships, even after a divorce. Getting legal help early and often is one of the best ways to prepare for the formalities associated with a divorce and retain custody rights. 

Learn more about divorce and related family law issues

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