Tucson, AZ- A recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court will impact divorce settlements for spouses of disabled military members. The decision means some ex-military spouses will receive a smaller divorce settlement.

The Decision in Howell v. Howell

The case before the Arizona, Howell vs. Howell, centered on a couple who got divorced in 1991. At the time of their divorce, the pension John Howell received was considered a marital asset under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), a federal law that states marital assets should be split between 50/50.

Military.com reports that in 2005., John Howell received a 20 percent disability rating from the VA and decided to draw some income from his retirement benefits under pension fund offset rules. That decision resulted in a drop in his ex-wife Sandra’s pension.

Sandra Howell took her case to court seeking to recover the $125 a month she lost in income because her husband elected to receive disability benefits. An appeals court sided with Mrs. Howell and ordered her ex-husband to make up the difference in her pension.

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in John Howell’s favor in mid-May, ruling that disability benefits for military members do not count as retirement income amidst a divorce. The ruling was met with praise from some veterans groups such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but advocates for military spouses say the ruling will have a negative economic impact on former spouses who rely on the income.

Justices said judges should consider how an offset could affect a divorce settlement when dividing a couple’s assets.

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