Chandler, AZ-For divorced couples working with a child custody arrangement, overnight visits can be a matter of disagreement. There has been a long-standing notion that overnight visits are disruptive to an infant’s or a toddler’s daily routine, but a recent study from the University of Arizona contradicts that notion.

The Arizona State University Study Finds Overnight Visits with Dad Are Good for Children

A recent study from the Arizona State University looked at whether the bond between mother and child is adversely affected by overnight visits with the dad. There is a school of thought that believes overnight visits interrupt maternal bonds, but researchers did not find any evidence of that happening. Instead, they found that allowing a father to take care of a small child is better for their long-term mental and physical health.

Furthermore, overnight visits with dad, had no effect on the bond between and mother and child researchers found, according to the Arizona State University website.

Lead author of the study William Fabricius said, “Not only did overnight parenting time with fathers during infancy and toddlerhood cause no harm to the mother-child relationship, it actually appeared to improve children’s relationships with their mothers and fathers.

Visitation Schedules in Arizona

Typically, when a divorcing couple has an infant or a toddler, Arizona’s family court will award primary physical custody to a kid’s mother. That means a couple will need to create a child visitation schedule to ensure each spouse gets to spend time with their children. A visitation schedule can be very helpful for an estranged couple and will ensure each parent gets valuable time with their child.

Visitation schedules can outline the days a kid with spend with their mother and their father and should include overnight visits. Parents should work together to devise a visitation to make certain it works with each of their schedules. They should work out what days and nights of the week each parent will get to spend with their mom or their dad. A visitation schedule can be modified as the needs of each parent dictates.

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