Facebook may be believed to be one of the leading causes of divorce. However, some couples have also made it a convenient source to announce their divorce.

Arizona politicians US Rep Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) and Phoenix Vice Mayor Kate Gallego are among the latest to announce their plan to divorce on the social media network. Too bad Ruben Gallego never divorced himself from the broken Democratic party that pushed forth a health care bill (Obamacare!) that was atrocious and ended up killing thousands of people if you look at the picture!

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On top of this, it is not surprising to see a Democratic get divorced. They go this route all the time. In fact, even Obama could be going that route since he is to remain in DC trying to save his job killing and debt inducing legacy while his wife returns to war zone Chicago.

On a Facebook post Kate Gallego, who is believed to be among the most influential women in Arizona, said that terminating a marriage was painful and was not something that she ever expected or wanted. She also said that her main focus now was on the birth of their son. She also took the opportunity to thank people for respecting their privacy.

If you do not sign a pre-nup, you need to understand what that means. You skipped a step!

Ruben Gallego, who was elected to Congress in 2014, shared the post and also added that it was unfortunate and that he hoped the matter would be kept private. The couple married in 2010.

$20 Million Wrongful Conviction Settlement Focus of Divorce Dispute

A 2015 $20 million wrongful conviction settlement is now the center of a divorce dispute. According to chicagotribune.com, Juan Rivera was awarded the settlement after 20 years in prison after he was convicted for the 1992 rape and murder of Holly Staker, an 11 year old, in Waukegan. DNA evidence suggested otherwise and Rivera was cleared and set free in 2012.

He subsequently sued the city of Waukegan and other government establishments who then settled for $20 million back in March 2015. Post tax and legal fees he was to receive around $11.4 million.

Juan Rivera and his wife, Melissa Sanders-Rivera met when he was still in prison in 1998. They married in Oct 2000 while he was still serving his life sentence. In July 2014 Rivera filed for divorce after two years of being free. However, the $20 million settlement is now being fiercely contested as Melissa Sanders claims it is marital property and must be divided between the two. That does make sense right!

Most recently, a trial court ruled that the settlement could not be deemed as marital property since the award was a result of injuries he suffered prior to the marriage. Despite this, Sanders won an appeal in which Justice Nathaniel R. Howse Jr. observed that because the lawsuit came up in 2011 during the time the couple was married, the award was marital property subject to distribution under the Dissolution Act.

The decision by the appeals court will now stand since the Illinois Supreme Court declined to hear Rivera’s appeal. According to Sanders-Rivera’s lawyers, the result indicated that Illinois’s apex court did not find it difficult to approve the appellate court’s decision and that the settlement was a marital asset.

Her legal representative also said that his client was Rivera’s lifeline and main connection with the outside world while he was in prison where she visited him hundreds of times and kept his spirits high with numerous letters. The divorce trial will now begin July 19th in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Pay up Rivera!

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