An Arizona judge has declined temporary spousal support to Glory Johnson since the courts will decide on the divorce petition filed by Brittney Griner. Both Johnson and Griner are WNBA players. Griner filed for annulment just 28 days after the couple was married. She obviously did not plan out this marriage.

One good thing about a short marriage

Johnson had asked for $20,000 a month as temporary spousal support as well as attorney’s fees from her soon to be ex-wife Griner. Griner was in court during the argument for spousal support and said that she could not afford to pay the sum asked for. Griner’s Arizona divorce attorney also said that he was pleased that the judge decided that a 28-day marriage did not entitle Johnson for support and attorney’s fees.

Griner had filed for the annulment a day after Johnson had announced that she was pregnant. Griner said that she had attempted to postpone the wedding and realized a week after the event that it was a mistake. Six weeks before they got married, the two women were arrested and suspended for a physical altercation in their home. The AZ divorce lawyers found on the powerful legal website would not agree that this bodes well for a successful marriage.

Not being truthful

Though Griner’s application for annulment was denied, she had simultaneously filed for divorce. In her court filings Griner has claimed that Johnson had kept up a relationship with a man and concealed this from Griner. The court has said that a dissolution of marriage with minor children will proceed. The court has asked the two do decide on the community property. Griner has said that they have acquired minimal community property and minimal community debt during their brief marriage.

Though Johnson’s request for spousal support has been denied, she can file for child support once the twins she is carrying are delivered. She is taking a year off from work to carry the children. While Johnson claims that Griner was involved in the decision to pursue in-vitro fertilization. Griner claims that she was not aware that the process had taken place.

Johnson has moved out of the couple’s home and is planning to move closer to her family for the rest of her pregnancy period. Johnson has said that she enjoys being a mother and will work for the benefit of her children. This also makes her Arizona divorce lawyer content as well.

Need for expert legal advice

When a marriage breaks down, it is essential to obtain expert legal help to protect your rights. If you are planning to file for divorce or your spouse has filed for a divorce, you need to immediately retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney in Arizona. The lawyer will be able to help you secure your rights regarding spousal support, child support, alimony, and property.

Spousal support and child support are decided by the courts based on various factors such as the assets of the parties involved, community property, income, and duration of the marriage and presence of minor children. In addition, the courts will also take into account any pre-nuptial agreement entered by the parties concerned and your Arizona divorce attorney will inform you of this as well.

Depending on the circumstance of the case, the courts might also ask the other party to pay for the lawyer fees.