Yuma, AZ – There are a number of factors that tend to indicate a divorce will happen, or that a couple is growing apart. A few of these factors are considered strong indicators of a failing marriage. 

Money problems can result in divorces

Financial problems are one of the most common reasons people start to argue and eventually get divorced. This is especially true when a couple already is dealing with stress related to other issues, then money problems start to become an area of focus due to a sudden job loss or failure of a business. Other recurrent issues that are noticed by family law professionals include financial irresponsibility from one or both spouses, such as excessive use of credit cards or purchases that the couple cannot realistically afford. 

Anyone who has had a combination of serious or long term financial problems along with strain on their relationship should start to think about contacting a family lawyer. Being suddenly surprised with divorce papers and not having legal advice will often create additional financial  issues. 

The bored roommates phenomenon

Some couples start to lack intimacy or even a close relationship and start merely living together like roommates without a whole lot of shared time or emotion. This can be a sign that both spouses are simply getting bored and do not care about their marriage anymore. If one spouse has to work long hours or travel constantly, this issue can be exacerbated as the other spouse may get used to the other not being around and start to develop their own separate life. 

Changes that indicate a different direction in life

If one spouse starts to suddenly do things like improve their appearance, gain an interest in new hobbies, and starts spending time with a new circle of friends away from home, this may mean that they are preparing for a major life change, and possibly even have a new love interest that has not been disclosed to their partner. 

Most conversations and interactions go south quickly

If a couple mostly argues or says negative things about each other during most interactions, they will start to resent each other and avoid each other’s presence. When a couple gets to the point where they do not enjoy each other’s company and constantly argue, that is a strong sign that a divorce may be coming soon. This is especially true if friends and family members have taken notice to these behaviors and express concern. 

Lawyers who handle family court issues

People who need help with family law issues can get help from attorneys licensed in Arizona. Schneider and Onofry focus on assisting local clients with family court procedures and related issues. 

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