Spending too much time around a spouse can start to cause married couples to become more distant and resent each other. If these feelings worsen over time and arguments become a regular event, it may be a good idea to seriously consider a divorce. 

The Arizona Republic reported on the difficulties faced by married couples during the coronavirus quarantine. Many of these struggles were related to both spouses working from home and spending much more time than normal around each other, combined with the stress of fundamental changes in life. 

Married couples get annoyed over trivial things while stuck in close quarters

Tensions grew quickly as many couples began to share the same workspace, and this causes both husbands and wives to lose patience with each other. Anecdotal stories included one woman asking her husband to not chew gum while they share the same room. Another involved a husband who snapped as his wife for the clicking noise her phone made as she was texting. While these stories may not seem serious, prolonged periods of constant arguing can lead to more serious problems, and even divorce if they are not resolved. 

International cities also experienced increases in divorce during forced quarantines due to the coronavirus pandemic. A registry in Sichuan Province in China reported that about 300 couples had come to their office looking for a divorce between late February and early March of 2020.  

Professionals who work in fields related to marriage and relationships say that these situations are common when people are stressed and constantly around each other. When people are entering a new routine or starting a new job, these tensions can become exacerbated. Because the coronavirus quarantine was both unforeseen and stressful, all of these aggravating factors were present. Experts in divorce say that people should definitely try to schedule some alone time, as this is always a good idea, but when people are forced inside it may require extra effort. They also suggest that married couples should try to manage these arguments and keep communicating, as minimizing the fallout from arguments can be the key to saving a marriage. 

Preparing for a divorce

When it becomes obvious that a marriage is going to end, there are certain things that can be done to help protect assets and property, and make the transition away from the marriage less painful. This is accomplished by speaking with a lawyer early in the process and following their advice. Keep in mind that issues such as property division and child custody can totally change a person’s life, and these will have to be addressed before the divorce is finalized. 

Learn more about divorce law 

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