Salt Lake City, UT- Making a decision to divorce is a tough one and most people seek out the advice of friends or family members before taking that drastic step.  New research suggests that a person’s family has a huge bearing on their decision to file for divorce.

In the survey, 2,007 divorced couples were asked about the affect their family had on their decision to end their marriage. Sixty-three percent of respondents said their families had an impact on their decision to divorce and two-thirds said it was the advice of their mothers that had the biggest impact on their decision to divorce, the Daily Mail reported.  

A small fraction, only one in ten took the advice of a brother or sister with only six percent saying the feelings of their children helped them make their decision.

Oftentimes a family was able to convince their loved one divorce was right by pointing out their partner’s differences and through criticism. Over two-thirds of respondents said they were glad their family members spoke up and helped them through come to such a difficult decision and the nearly the same percentage said they were unhappy in their marriages before their families convinced them to end them.

Forty-four percent said their spouse’s family had a greater influence on their relationship than that their own, according to the Daily Mail.

This study was conducted in the U.K. but it’s safe to assume that many of the findings hold true here in the states.

Deciding to get a divorce is just the first of the many tough decisions a person has to make. They must then prepare for the following emotional storm.

One of the first decisions is whether to hire a divorce attorney. With some couples with no children and few assets a divorce attorney may not be necessary. But other couples have a lot to consider; they may have a home and assets that need dividing and they need help coming up with the all-important child custody arrangement. It’s always wise to a have a divorce attorney on your side when you are grappling with these tough issues. They will make certain your rights are being respected and the final settlement reflects their desires.

Determining child custody is typically the toughest issue a couple faces and something they need to discuss prior to heading to the divorce attorney. This is an issue that can take months to resolve even with the assistance of a family law attorney. Sharing your expectations with your estranged spouse will give you a starting point for an acceptable resolution.

A couple also needs to decide who gets the home and other valuable assets and possessions. While this is much easier than deciding child custody, it can still be a major point of contention and tie up negotiations for months. A Utah divorce attorney can wave a magic wand and make the acrimony disappear, but they can work with a couple to come up with resolutions to their biggest issues.