Most divorce attorneys see a spike of divorces after Christmas, and now a study says they should expect another spike in August after summer vacation is over.

Dakota, MN- Is there a particular time of the year couples typically divorce? For decades, divorce lawyers have seen a spike in clients after Christmas after couples give their family one more holiday together. But new analysis indicates that peak of divorces in winter is not the only time of the year they peak. As it turns out, summer vacations are marriage killers and a second spike of divorces occur in August.

Researchers from the University of Washington recently examined data for every divorce that took place in the state between 2001 and 2015. They found that there was a significant spike in divorce filings in March and August not long after the winter and summer holidays.

In large counties in Washington State, researchers found that divorce rates in March and August soared by 33 percent, LiveScience reported. They also noticed the rates spike at the same time in every county across the state. They also compared their results with divorce rates in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio and found the same pattern in divorce filings.

“People tend to face the holidays with rising expectations, despite what disappointments they might have had in years past,” co-author of the study said in a statement, according to LiveScience.

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Researchers suspect that couples think about divorce for months before they file. They want to get their finances in order and look for an attorney before asking for a divorce. The researchers said that many couples wait until family vacations are over, and the kids are heading back to school.

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