Mediation is a good alternative to traditional divorce for many Utah couples.

Summit, UT- Is your marriage in trouble? Are you thinking about divorce, but are curious if there are alternatives to a traditional, emotionally-wrought divorce?  Are you looking for a better way to resolve any disputes?  If you are, mediation might be a good alternative for you and your estranged spouse, which is why our team of divorce lawyers in Summit, Utah wanted to discuss why the process may be right for you.

First, let us explain what mediation is exactly. Simply put, mediation is a process that allows a couple to work out issues like child custody and asset division with the assistance of a neutral third party or mediator.

Mediators are supposed to be impartial and there to oversee the negotiation process and keep things from getting heated when tough issues come up. Both spouses, their divorce lawyers, and the mediator will meet at regular intervals, so the pertinent issues can be discussed and hopefully resolved. Meetings with a mediator continue until a couple settles their differences, or decides to end the process, which means mediation can go on for months.

There are several benefits to mediation, but USAttorneys will discuss the three main benefits.

If you want to know more about mediation, speak with a divorce attorney to learn how it works.

Mediation costs less than a traditional divorce because the usual legal fees and court costs don’t apply. There are still fees associated with the process, and it can get expensive if you and your spouse can’t agree on terms, but the costs of mediation are significantly lower than resolving your divorce in court.

Another reason to choose mediation is that it is much easier on your child or children. According to the American Bar Association, Mediation is less stressful that traditional divorce, and keep the arguments out of the family home and away from a couple’s children. The ABA also states that joint custody arrangements are more common for couples who go through the mediation process.

And a third reason to choose mediation is privacy. Mediation sessions are not recorded, there is no official record, so a couple’s problems and private matters are not part of the public record. Once you take your case to court, you must fight hard to get your divorce documents sealed.

Mediation may be a good way for couples in Summit, Utah to resolve their divorce.

There is a big downside to mediation. If a couple is not come to an agreement on any one of the key issues, they will have to end mediate and start the divorce process all over again. That may be enough to dissuade you, but we recommend you get legal advice before making a judgement. USAttorneys can help you find a knowledgeable divorce attorney to help you figure out the best way to resolve your divorce. Set up a consultation today and get the advice you need.