Would you agree to marry someone if they specified in a prenuptial agreement that you had to be intimate every other Tuesday? How about if they told you that you couldn’t wear certain clothes or had to be home at precisely seven o’clock each day? Sound crazy? Not to some couples.

It seems as though some couples have been following too many tabloids and are trying to imitate Hollywood celebrities with their far-fetched prenuptial agreements. These days, couples don’t hold anything back when it comes to pre-marital requests and statistics show an increasing number of would-be married couples are getting pre-nups not just to protect themselves financially, but to ensure certain “requirements” are met.

According to a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer in 2012, 73 percent of divorce lawyers surveyed report that the number of pre-nups has increased in the last five years.  The same group also reports that the number of postnuptial agreements over the past three years is also up. But these agreements aren’t just detailing what will happen to property and assets in the event of a divorce, they stipulate all kinds of crazy requests.

“There are weight limits, color of hair limits,” said divorce attorney Bobby Newman, explaining that a client was told by her spouse she could not exceed 125 pounds and her hair had to be blonde.

Newman explained that in another case, a wife required that her husband perform sexually and when he didn’t, she sued him. That case is now being appealed, but still, it goes to show how far some people will push their luck.

What could this mean for the future of marriages – and divorce? Well, for one, divorce hearings will be a lot more entertaining. But will these absurd stipulations actually hold in court? You be the judge.