While many of us have been in a predicament when it comes to health insurance as it has become costlier today than ever before, one Chattanooga, TN resident decided she was going to strategize ways to obtain affordable health care rather than pay. Instead of dishing out hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month that the healthcare marketplace requires in return for a policy, Anne Cornwell went into planning mode to find ways she could have coverage and not have to pay so much for it.

According to Kaiser Health News, Cornwell was quoted $2,100 a month for her and her husband for 2017 and she wasn’t having it. She went to the drawing board and considered ways she could get this cost reduced. The two drastic decisions she came up with were:


  1. Divorce
  2. Taking a 30 percent pay cut


While you might be thinking this is rather outlandish, health insurance is absolutely necessary for some individuals to have, and many can’t afford policies in the thousands. While there is the option to purchase a more affordable plan that carries a deductible you might never meet, this wouldn’t work for Cornwell and her retired husband.


She elected to take the 30 percent pay cut.


Cornwell considers herself and her husband to be part of the upper-middle class and the money they are taking in is actually hurting their ability to obtain health insurance rather than help them. Cornwell brings in $80,000 a year while her husband, who happens to be a cancer survivor, receives Social Security and a small pension bringing their pretax income up to $92,000 a year.

But, before electing to take the pay cut, the couple did consider divorce so that they could file their taxes separately so her husband’s lower income would qualify him to receive cheaper insurance. However, they didn’t want to do this. After asking “her boss to reduce her hours by 30 percent, dropping her pay to $24,000 a year, she became a part-time hourly employee at $56,000 a year.” This decrease in income resulted in the couple’s monthly insurance premium to drop from $2,100 a month to just $87 a month. They qualified for a $27,000 subsidy that would make up for Cornwell’s reduction in income.

Considering getting a divorce is a rather drastic decision just to obtain an affordable health insurance policy, however, some individuals who rely on health insurance are left with no other choice. Those who may have had severe conditions in the past or suffer from chronic health conditions need reliable coverage and can’t afford to pay for the expensive policies that are being offered.

While divorce might be a considerable option for some, it is important to be aware of what this process entails. And if you are considering filing for divorce, whether it is for similar purposes as Cornwell or because you want to end your relationship with your spouse, it is best to let a Chattanooga, TN divorce attorney help you. USAttorneys.com works closely with some of the top divorce lawyers in Chattanooga who are available to help you, providing you with useful information you might need.