Maybe, but maybe not.  Unless Kim’s divorce to NBA star Kris Humphries is finalized – which doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon – the love birds will not be taking their relationship to the next level.

Divorce proceedings between the ex-couple have lasted longer than their actual 72-day marriage. Kim filed for divorce on Halloween last year and between Kris claiming that the whole marriage was a sham and not wanting to settle, the drama just keeps unfolding for the realty star and her new beau.

However, even though it’s only a matter of time before proceedings resolve, a source close to Kardashian told Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye will be settling down soon enough.

“Kim thinks they’ll get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final,” said the source. “Kanye is actually being very patient.”

But after two divorces and endless public scrutiny, it is unlikely Kim will be in any rush to jump back into marriage.

“After the backlash from ending her 72-day marriage with Kris, Kim would never get engaged until everything was properly handled,” said another source. “There are no wedding plans, period. She and Kanye are taking their time. That’s the truth.”

As for having kids with Kanye, Kim recently discussed the matter on a recent episode of “Good Morning America.” After visiting a fertility clinic with her sister Khloe, Kim was asked whether that made her eager to have children, but according to Kim, “I don’t think I’m ready yet.” That’s a good thing, since child custody battles can be even uglier than the actual divorces themselves.

Kim has a good divorce lawyer, but anyone seeking to dissolve their marriage is also encouraged to seek legal help to make sure proceedings resolve as smoothly and favorably as possible.