Actors Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell may soon be joining the extensive list of Hollywood stars that have come before them who at one point proclaimed their love, only to end up getting divorced. The couple announced recently that they are expecting their first child together, but wedding bells have yet to be rung.

The “Hit And Run” costars have been engaged for three years, but have made a pact not to get married until California recognizes same-sex marriages. A noble effort, but since it can take years before same-sex marriages are recognized in the state, a wedding – and possible divorce – will just have to wait.

Yet, while other famous couples in Tinseltown are busy getting a hold of their divorce lawyers to settle multimillion-dollar disputes – which can take several years unless you happen to be Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise – Shepard and Bell seem happy and in love.  The pangs of marriage and divorce have yet to hit them.

Best of luck to the happy couple. Here’s to hoping they actually last.

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