Child custody is a complicated issue, which is why each parent needs legal representation court to resolve any disputes they have over custody or visitation.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Rumors of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt splitting up surface monthly, almost weekly, but usually there is no substance to the rumors. The same rumors surfaced today, and it turns out that this time they are true: Angelina and Brad are getting divorced, TMZ reports.

TMZ learned Monday that Jolie was the one to ask for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Even more remarkable is that she asked for sole physical custody of the couple’s six children and joint legal custody, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The couple got together in 2005 while on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” but just tied the knot two years ago.

In a statement to People, Pitt said: “I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids.” With one source telling the magazine that the divorce was “a complete shock.”

Family courts in Fort Lauderdale will consider several factors when trying to decide what is in the best interests of a child if a couple is locked in child custody dispute.

Jolie also issued a statement through her attorney who told People, “Angelina Jolie-Pitt has filed for dissolution of the marriage. This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting at this time, and asks that the family be given their privacy during this difficult time.”

While Jolie has not given a reason for the divorce, a source close to the couple said Pitt and Jolie have different parenting styles.

Jolie is not seeking child support or spousal support, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Differences in parenting style can be a sticking point for couples and can become a contentious issue. A couple can avoid a huge fight over child custody by retaining a child custody lawyer to assist them with custody negotiations. While there is no indication that Pitt and Jolie will face a custody battle, it is a possibility.

Speak with a family law attorney and get their advice, so you avoid any mistakes that affects your ability to get a favorable custody arrangement.

When child custody is an issue a couple cannot resolve, the court will look at a few things to determine custody. For one, the court will look at the living conditions of each parent. What is in the best interest of each child is the main priority for Florida’s family courts. Family courts will also look at each parent’s financial stability and what kind of relationship a child has with each parent.

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