Kansas City, MO – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce lawyers have hit the pause button on Hollywood’s biggest breakup.

According to E! News, divorce proceedings for this famous pair have taken a “Pitt stop.” Citing irreconcilable differences, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt a year ago. At the time, her divorce attorney said the filing was for the “health of the family.”

While the fallout from Angelina and Brad’s split has been plastered all over the media, divorce lawyers for the couple are reportedly no longer moving forward. A source explains that the duo has decided to “take a breather” and see what happens.

Jolie recently moved into a new $25 million, 11,000 square-foot home with their six children. The family is finally settling down after all the negative press, while E! News reports that Missouri native Pitt is now sober after admitting in a GQ interview that he had been “boozing too much.”

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Regarding whether or not the couple will rekindle their romance, the insider further explains to E! News that it is currently “up in the air.” Pitt’s commitment to getting sober has changed their relationship, the source further notes.

Jolie originally requested sole custody of their children when she filed for divorce. Pitt’s divorce attorney responded by asking the judge to grant the couple joint custody instead. As a result, a temporary custody agreement was reached which gave Jolie custody of the kids. Pitt was granted therapeutic visitation rights, and agreed to attend weekly therapy sessions and submit to random alcohol and drug testing.

It looks like Pitt’s commitment to staying sober has changed things between the couple for the better. US Weekly reveals that it won’t be surprising if the two announced they were calling the divorce off and tried to work things out.

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