When compared to other Hollywood marriages, Antonio Banderas (who was hilarious in Expendables III) and Melanie Griffith’s marriage fared a lot better. But all good things come to an end and the couple has finalized their divorce almost over a year after they announced their intention to split in a friendly and loving manner, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

A smooth ending

Banderas and Griffith met during the making of the movie two more back in 1995 and got married a month later. In 2014 they announced that they were going to dissolve their marriage amicably and sources have confirmed that they have finally come to an agreement on all matters and aspects of the divorce. Their divorce attorneys have worked together and everything has been finalized and they only await the judges signature to declare them officially single.

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The couple has a daughter together, Stella Banderas born on September 24th 1996. Apparently, Melanie wanted full custody of Stella but she turned 18 and so the custody issue literally fixed itself. Melanie also wants permanent spousal support from Banderas.

Houston Texans’ star Arian Foster and wife set to divorce

Star running back of the NFL team Houston Texans, Arian Foster, and his wife Romina Lombardo, are calling it quits. Lombardo revealed in an interview that she contemplated the decision a lot but finally decided that she was going to divorce Foster, as reported by chron.com. They have two children together and their divorce attorneys maintain that they will remain on friendly terms.

There is speculation that the split was initiated when pictures of Foster with a blonde, no name, but voluptuous, student named Brittany Norwood who was probably looking for a payday surfaced on the Internet while he was married to Lombardo. So Norwood did not know Foster was already married with kids?

Another unintended child from a sucker athlete

Norwood was pregnant and claimed that Foster was the father of the child she was carrying and even said that a DNA test had virtually confirmed that claim. Foster recently settled a child custody and support case with Norwood. He also said in an interview after the divorce filing that he will always be there for Lombardo and he was grateful for the wife he was to him and the mother she was and still is to their lovely children.

Retirement and divorce – common mistakes

In recent times, divorce among the elderly is becoming increasingly popular. A study has revealed that people over the age of 50 are getting divorced almost twice as much as they used to back in 1990. The divorce rate for those over the age of 65 is even higher than that in recent times. Here are some tips for those that have just retired or are about to retire to get divorced hassle free.

To begin with, it is wise to allocate a pre and post-divorce budgets. The point of doing this is to create an itinerary of your income and expenses which will come in handy during divorce proceedings. Secondly, do not turn a blind eye to expenses connected with divorce especially during tax time. There are many other pointers and things that you will need help with and getting yourself a fantastic divorce attorney is by far the smartest thing you can do pre-divorce.