Another ‘Love is Blind’ Match is Calling It Quits: Who is Divorcing Now?

The Love is Blind Netflix reality series was successful at bringing together single men and women looking for love and turning them into couples. While viewers were hopeful that the love matches formed on the show would last a lifetime, it appears the last remaining couple has decided to call it quits.  

On August 21, 2022, US Weekly reported that Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson are getting a divorce (1).

Why are Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson divorcing?


Neither Ruhl nor Thompson have publicly commented on the split, though US Weekly says that the pair have decided to go their separate ways. Ruhl reportedly filed the divorce documents earlier in August in Cook County Circuit Court. The couple recently celebrated their first year of marriage in June and was even considering having children.

In July 2022, Ruhl told US Weekly that “they couldn’t wait to have kids” though they would like to “focus on their relationship for the next two years.” Ruhl had also shared with the media outlet that they wanted to “walk down the aisle again” as the first time they exchanged vows, it was on season two of the Netflix series.

The news of Ruhl and Thompson’s divorce comes after Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones announced they had separated on August 17.


Should I hire a Michigan divorce attorney if I’ve only been married for a short period of time?


Whether you’ve been married for a few months or several years, it’s always a good idea to be represented by a skilled Michigan divorce lawyer. An attorney will assist you with filling out and filing your paperwork and will also answer any pressing questions you might have. 

Should you be confused about how the assets the two of you acquired while married will be divided or how the terms of your prenuptial agreement will be carried out, you can rest assured a divorce attorney in Michigan will be able to address this and much more.

It is also common for certain types of issues to arise in a divorce, including whether alimony should be awarded and how child custody will be determined. Even if you’ve only been married for a short period of time, these issues can be difficult to settle and can prolong getting your divorce finalized if a resolution cannot be reached.

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