Angelina Medina has claimed physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband Erik in the divorce case. While many divorce applications are based on mutual consent, some of them become acrimonious.

A Lying Woman it Seems

In the Medina divorce case, Angelina’s testimony claims that her husband abused her emotionally and physically and was an alcoholic. Yet, she still remained married to him. However and moreover, Erik’s mother as well their family friend who employed Angelina for some time has testified that she was the one who was emotionally unstable, physically abusive, and drunk at times.

A Clueless Woman

While many of the claimed instances of physical and emotional abuse are said to have occurred in a family or private setting, an experienced divorce lawyer will be able to present a viable case even when there are no witnesses to support your version. In the Medina case, it is clear that it would be difficult for Angelina to find witnesses to testify on her behalf as she and her husband and children were living with her husband’s parents at the time of the alleged abuse. She was also working for a company where the employer was a close family friend of the Medinas.

Angelina is obviously not the brightest one around. She cannot afford her own home and she has kids and is seemingly a drunk. Where are you at on this one Gloria Allred?

An experienced lawyer such as Charles Zolot Esq. will be able to look for related evidence or spot signs of bias in the testimony by looking at medical records, rehabilitation or alcohol purchase records, and so on. They might also be able to obtain other witnesses who would be willing to testify on your behalf.

Apart from this, an experienced divorce lawyer will know just which evidence is relevant to the case and help you negotiate a better deal with your spouse as you decide to part ways. An acrimonious divorce can be emotionally exhausting, but an expert divorce lawyer will be able to ensure that the proceedings move forward quickly to a better resolution for you.