Even as the year 2014 is still fresh in our minds, nothing seems to have really changed for actor Charlie Sheen. The rumor mills are constantly buzzing around him and none of this is however doing him any good! Last year was a near tumultuous one for Charlie, observed divorce attorneys who have handled his splits, pits, and circus behavior in the past.

Charlie and Dennis Rodman would be a match made in heaven.

First, he had this huge altercation with Brooke Mueller over his sons and then it was his ugly spat with Denise Richards that made headlines (both are Charlie’s ex-wives). For the most part, Charlie was seen ranting and spitting venom calling his ex-wives all kinds of names. And not much has changed ever since.

And its Ashton this Time!

This time, it’s Ashton Kutcher who is at the receiving end. Ashton replaced Charlie in Two and Half Men just in case you did not know. Charlie was replaced on account of his public meltdown and stupidity. This is a man who believes Al Qaeda did not crash airplanes into the WTC even though they attacked the WTC in 93 and were attacking American interests all over the globe throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency. And furthermore and naturally, this sidelining has not gone down well with the actor. He has hence decided to use Twitter to express his myriad emotions.

In the first of the tweets Charlie praises John Cryer who is an old friend and a former co-star, calling him a “genius.” He followed it up by asking Cryer what his “lame side kick” was up to these days and here he clearly referred to no one else but Kutcher. And if his divorce lawyer friends are to be believed this is exactly acceptable behavior from a person like him!

The Follow Up

And, this was not enough! Charlie took to Twitter the following day again, apparently apologizing to Cryer for calling his side kick “lame”. He actually apologized for not calling him “really lame”! Later in the day, Sheen targeted his tweets directly to Kutcher and asked him to refrain from “barfing on his old brilliant show!”

Certainly, Charlie hasn’t picked up any lessons from his ugly spats!