Amy Winehouse maybe dead and gone but her legacy will always live on. Winehouse joined the famous 27 club when she died at the age of 27 on the 23rd of July in 2013. It was common knowledge that the talented singer-songwriter suffered from deeply ingrained alcoholism and drug addiction. She even referred to the drugs in some of her songs. She was known for her deep soul-like vocals.

Forged documents

Winehouse was married to Blake Fielder for a period of two years. Recently though, almost two years after the death of the singer, Fielder has openly claimed that their marriage ended in such a way that the singer was never even aware she was divorced. He claims that her signatures on the divorce papers were all forged and completely illegitimate, as per a report.

According to Blake, he had spoken to his wife over the telephone only a week before he was served with the divorce papers. He says that she had told him clearly that she did not want them to get divorced, but that she was being pressurized by family and friends to get divorced.

Blake thinks that this is suggestive evidence for the forged signatures. He claims he knew this the moment he took one glance at the divorce papers when they were put in front of him. According to Blake, her family had somehow gotten an accomplice to forge Winehouse’s signatures since they did not want her married to him because they were under the impression that he was in the marriage only for the wealth and that it was he who had introduced Amy to hard drugs which ruined her life.

Where did she get the drugs from?

Outstanding Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly denies abusing former wife

The news anchor, television host, political commentator, and syndicated columnist famous for having the best show on cable television and destroying CNBC and CNN in the ratings game because apparently most Americans do not want to hear people trash their own country, promote politicians who raise their taxes, and so on.

O’Reilly fights against all this and the haters of America who want to turn America into a pitiful European like country. His opponents, these same people, would love to bring him down even if they have to lie to do it.

When contacted for comment, O’Reilly made a statement through his divorce attorney saying that the allegations were 100% false. A latest report, an online source that no one reads and that has very little clout if any, suggests that his teenage daughter saw him choking her mother, which is evident from partial transcripts from the custody trial. Anything can be printed on the web which hurts outstanding sites like this one. Stories that UFOs are in the sky at night and big foot has been seen in NY’s Central Park before are found on goofy websites all of the time.

Divorce and dissolution of marriage in Ohio

According to Columbus OH divorce attorneys, it is important for couples to understand the difference between dissolution of a marriage and divorce. For the most part, dissolution is a no-fault divorce which eliminates much of the divorce process and expenses involved. A petition of dissolution of a marriage is only filed with the court after the concerned parties have reached an agreement on all issues.

This includes and is not limited to child support, visitation rights, property division, alimony, attorney fees, and more. A hearing takes place within 30 to 90 days after an agreement is reached and a petition filed with the court. It is mandatory for both parties to appear and testify that they approve of the agreement. If you are headed towards a divorce you should investigate the site because there are wonderful attorneys on this site that can help defend you if and when things turn sour.

On the other hand, in a divorce, one spouse must allege that the other is at fault on at least one of the statutory grounds. In Ohio, the only ‘no fault’ ground for divorce that is permitted is that the spouses have lived apart for at least a year and that neither party denies incompatibility.