Cleveland, OH- Doctors have demanding jobs, they work long hours and must be prepared to drop whatever they are doing at a moment’s notice. They have high-stress jobs that take them away from their spouses and families for hours on end. That could lead one to think that all of those downfalls would make doctors more prone to divorce. Well, that isn’t the case, according to a new study.

Researchers for the study, which appears in the online journal The BMJ, analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau and found that out of all healthcare professionals, including dentists, nurses and executives, doctors had the lowest divorce rate. The only group with a lower divorce rate was pharmacists, the Washington Post reported.

“It’s been speculated that doctors are more likely to be divorced than other professionals because of the long hours they keep and the stress associated with the job, but no large-scale study has ever investigated whether that is true,” senior study author Dr. Anupam Jena explained in news release.

The study looked survey results of more than 40,000 doctors and 200,000 nurses, pharmacists, dentists and executives conducted between 2008 and 2013. The divorce rate among doctors was 24 percent while only 23 percent of pharmacists said they had been divorced. Those are low figures when you compare them to the 35 percent divorce rate of people who don’t work in healthcare professions, according to the study.

Nurses had the highest rate at 33 percent with executives a little lagging behind at 31 percent.

Female doctor, however are 1.5 times for likely to divorce than their men in their same age category. Additionally, female doctors who worked over 40 hours a week were more likely to divorce than similarly situated male doctors, U.S. News reported.

For those individuals who plan on a career in healthcare, this study should come as good news and they pursue their career in medicine without fear that it will lead them to divorce.

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