As per the latest sources, English baker and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood was recently spotted with his with estranged wife Alexandra Hollywood in an effort to mend the 15-year old relationship. The couple had split earlier this year and divorce rumors were doing the rounds following Paul’s affair with his American TV co-hostess, Marcela Valladolid.


Paul has openly admitted that the affair was the biggest mistake of his life and he will leave no stone unturned to reunite with his wife. He should have thought about this before he destroyed his will power. He should have thought about this before he became selfish and slept with another woman.

Bought Her Out

Reportedly, Alexandra was wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger and it is rumored that the couple might soon be back together. Of late, the Hollywood couple has been spotted at various places snuggling and embracing each other. At their latest date, the couple was seen sharing a kiss after a meal at a pub along with their 12-year old son Joshua.

Paul’s infamous fling with his co-host started on the American version of the popular BBC 2 show. Soon after, Hollywood had to move out their marital home in Kent and in May, Alexandra publically announced her decision to divorce her celebrity husband.

The couple looked jubilant and comfortable in each other’s company in their recent meet-up at the village pub and it seems that they are several steps closer towards fixing their 15 year old marriage. However, divorce attorneys have pointed out that since the couple has not yet moved in together, they are still in the deliberation mode and are taking things slowly.

In a recent radio interview with Richard Bacon, Hollywood confessed that he was still in love with his wife and wanted her back. The fling was a huge blunder of his life and he was making all sorts of moves to repair the damage caused by the same. Once the affair news broke out, millions of cookery fans including some known divorce lawyers expressed their displeasure and Hollywood suffered a gigantic tide of negative reactions from all across the world. He is not the only one who knows how to cook.

What tastes better than a Whopper anyway? Well, dim sum is pretty good.