Des Moines, IA- Amber Rose cited “irreconcilable differences,” when she filed for divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa Wednesday, but rumors of cheating have been flying on both sides.

Not long after the former model filed for divorce things began to get nasty as sources told TMZ Rose suspects Khalifa has been cheating on her since he embarked on his tour and few months back.

The source told TMZ Rose tried to join Khalifa in tour, but he insisted she stay home and take care of their one year-old, Sebastian. That is just one of the many excuse he’s given her to keep her at home and away from his tour, sources said.

While Rose is accuse her hubby of cheating on her, he says she is cheating on him with Nick Cannon who is going through a divorce of his own. Cannon signed on to Rose’s manager last week. According to the Daily Mail, Khalifa’s camp says Rose’s allegations are just a way for her to turn attention away from her own infidelity.

The couple reportedly signed a prenuptial before they tied the knot 14 months ago and Rose has no planes to contest the agreement so they might just be able to avoid a protracted divorce battle. In divorce documents, Rose allegedly asked for full custody of Sebastian; there’s no word in whether Khalifa will fight for joint custody.

Of course these are just rumors and there is no confirmation either Khalifa or Rose are cheating, but the fact is infidelity is one of the more common reasons why couples divorce. While it some couples can recover from cheating, more than half end their marriages because they find it impossible to rebuild their trust.

A 2011 Indiana University survey of 900 couples found that 23 percent of men and 19 percent of women admitted to cheating on a spouse. So it turns out that men, despite the stereotypes, are not worse cheaters than women.

In the context of divorce, cheating has little effect on how the courts will divide assets or even how they will determine child custody, unless the affair adversely affected a couple’s child or children or put them in a dangerous situation. Otherwise, infidelity won’t impact the final divorce settlement in court.

Infidelity really makes a difference in pre-trial negotiations where most divorces are settled. A cheating spouse may more easily concede to a favorable divorce settlement because they realize how wrong their actions were and how much it hurt their spouse. Since a divorce attorney’s goal is to get a favorable settlement on their client’s behalf, they know infidelity and other inappropriate behaviors can give them the leverage necessary to secure a better payout.

No matter the reason for their split, an estranged spouse needs to contact an Iowa divorce attorney as soon as they decide to end their marriage. They will give you advice through all stages of the process and help you make decisions that will help your secure an agreeable settlement and child custody arrangement.