The divorce proceedings of Russian billionaire, Vladimir Potanin, and his wife, Natalia Potanina, has now involved two American executives working for a company with which Potanin does business. Potanin, one of the world’s richest men, has been accused by his wife of hiding his assets because under Russian law she is entitled to half of all marital assets.

No Prenuptial?

She has now obtained the approval of a U.S. Federal judge to compel the executives who work with Altpoint, a private equity firm based in New York, reportedly which receives a lot of money for investment from Interros, owned by Potanin. Potanina has also disputed other statements made by her husband.

While he claimed that the marriage failed years ago, she said that that was when her husband started becoming secretive about funds. She also disputes her husband’s contention of a verbal agreement to divide the assets. She, instead, claims that the offer he has made was grossly unfair. The couple has been married for 30 years and has three children, two of them adults. Well, if they are adults they do not to receive anything from the mother.

No Certainty

Potanina has filed the subpoena using a U.S. law that states that any interest person, even one living abroad, can ask for relevant documents from those living in the U.S. for use in court proceedings that are taking place abroad. The divorce hearing in Russia is set for February 25th. As of now it is unclear whether the executives who have been subpoenaed will answer the summons or file an objection.

When a marriage breaks down, there are always questions about the division of assets and liabilities. For a fair division, both parties need to be aware of the assets held by the other. If you need to find out about the assets owned by your spouse in the U.S. you should retain the services of a divorce attorney who can help you find the information from other sources.

It is amazing how someone so business savvy could not think of signing a prenuptial agreement. Well, if she helped him get to where he is at, then perhaps she does deserve something significant.