Alaska Family Laws and Hiring an Experienced Divorce Attorney

 When spouses in Alaska have gotten to a point in their marriage when their relationship has broken down irretrievably, they may seek a divorce or dissolution of marriage. But while it may seem as though the process merely involves filing a ton of paperwork and making court appearances, the reality of the matter is much more complicated. There are several intricate details involved in a divorce case, and just one wrong move can lead a spouse to forsake their rightful benefits, including property and child custody rights. Even divorces that come about by mutual decision can take a turn for the worst at any given moment, leading to endless arguments and a long, drawn out case. For this reason, it is in each party’s best interest to hire an experienced Alaska divorce lawyer to ensure that each spouse’s rights are protected and that the case resolves with the most favorable outcome.

However, even before hiring a skilled divorce attorney in Alaska to represent a case, spouses considering divorce should know a few basic laws and prerequisites to filing for dissolution of marriage.

Residency Requirements

The spouse filing for divorce in Alaska must be a resident of the state. However, unlike other states that require spouses to have been residents for a certain period of time, Alaska has no residency time limit for filing divorce petitions.

Grounds for Divorce

In Alaska, parties can file for divorce on any of the following grounds:

  1. Failure to consummate the marriage
  2. Adultery
  3. Felony conviction
  4. Desertion for a period of one year
  5. Cruelty
  6. Incompatibility
  7. Habitual drunkenness or drug addiction
  8. Incurable mental illness

There may be other grounds that can qualify for divorce, which an attorney can assist with. However, finding the right divorce attorney in Alaska is not a simple process. There are several legal professionals to choose from, which is where we come in.