Local news for Juneau reported on the divorce of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin gives details about pending divorce during radio interview

She told the Family Talk Christian Ministry that she received an email from her husband’s lawyer out of nowhere. The contents of the email went into more detail about the situation before her husband took steps to formally file for a divorce in the local courts. The email came in June of 2019, but her husband Todd did not actually file the paperwork in the Anchorage Superior Court until his birthday in September. 

Palin said that she had felt like “she was shot” when the news came shortly after their 31st wedding anniversary. The couple has been through counseling and the divorce was not finalized at the time of the report, but they had been spending large sums of money on both counselors and lawyers. 

Due to her religious beliefs, Palin said that she does not want the marriage to end, and she believes that the institution is important for American society as a whole. She also thinks marriage and family functions as an important kind of security in the United States. Palin seemed to be reluctant to finalize the divorce throughout the course of the Christian Ministry interview. 

The Palin family has five children. Most are adults, but one of them is still a minor. Sarah Palin gained national fame when she became the Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008. She resigned from her position as Alaska’s governor in 2009. After her run in national politics, she became a contributor on Fox News and wrote several books. During the interview, she said that the last year or so has been a low point for her and her family.

Palin admitted that she has not been getting much media attention during this period, but it may be for the best. She said that being bothered by the media would complicate the divorce and make it more stressful.

Everyone can use assistance when a divorce is imminent

Incidents such as the divorces of celebrities and politicians show that divorce can affect all members of society, regardless of social status or class. Sarah Palin was highly successful in politics and her family had strong religious beliefs, yet it seems that they still could not work through their problems. 

Regardless of the reasons for a divorce, it is important that each spouse gets their own legal representation early on and discusses their situation with an attorney. This can help make the transition away from the marriage less stressful. When the spouses can agree on certain issues, this can also help streamline the divorce process, because less time will be required in mediation or court. 

Speak with a local attorney

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