The divorce petition filed by the wife of Alan Grayson, Congressman, accuses him of domestic violence. She has said that Grayson pushed her against the door and caused her to fall down. She also acknowledges that she hit her husband in self-defense. However, a video released by Grayson’s lawyers show the couple arguing outside their front door and Grayson’s wife, Lolita Grayson, hitting her husband in his face. Their adult daughter, Skye Grayson, has also made a statement saying that the Congressman never hit his wife.Lolita Grayson

Another Lying and Greedy Wife

While the exact nature of the allegations will be decided by the courts, many divorce cases do include allegations of domestic violence. If you want to file a petition for divorce and you have been subjected to domestic violence you need to retain the services of a divorce lawyer  like Elliot Green who can help you prove your allegations. This can be done by providing proof of medical treatment for injuries, photographic records of injuries sustained, and eye witnesses to any domestic violence if available.

The Daughter Supports the Husband

When you make allegations of domestic violence as part of your divorce petition, you spouse is likely to contest it with evidence in their favor. This will not only prolong the divorce proceedings but also make many private details part of public records and information. However, if you have been subjected to domestic violence, you have the right to file for divorce citing this and obtain a court injunction against your spouse.

The Lying Lolita

This will prevent your spouse from contacting you and inflicting further injuries or violence on you. A divorce case where there are claims of domestic violence will also lead to prosecution of the violent spouse or a restraint order issued against them. A lawyer will be able to explain all the relevant details to you before you decide to file the case.

Lolita has egg on her face. Lolita is a liar. Lolita will now lose a lot and perhaps end up in some tiny apartment somewhere because she tried to ruin a man’s life for reasons that only make sense to her.